My Big Surprise While On Jury Duty

Hey guys! Today as I sit in a court room to fulfill my citizen duty I thought: “well, I have a blog post to write!” So, I’m here waiting to be called and writing this post. I just wanted to share this cute little cake I made for a sweet boy turning 3.

It is a 6″ round cake, 2 layers filled and covered with yummy buttercream. I used modeling chocolate to make the little PJ Masks character’s faces and with the help of a picture I googled and an “Exacto” knife made myself a template for each of the faces. I began with the mouth, then layered the face, and finally the masks and eyes. For the buildings I googled a picture of a skyline and cut out the sihlouete. Then made each building out of modeling chocolate and used an awesome technique I learned from Lauren Kitchens’ Craftsy class: “Into to modeling chocolate”. Here I need to make a parenthesis because of you don’t know what Craftsy is, then we’re can’t be friends… JK! 😜 Craftsy is an online study platform including all kinds of crafts and visual arts. You want to learn how to sew? Go to Craftsy. You want to learn how to knit, cook, draw, paint, crochet etc… it’s all in Craftsy. You buy the class one time and it’s yours forever to keep. You see everything in videos; you can go back and watch them as many times as you want. You can go back and forward, pause… they give you written instructions, recipes, templates… you can even ask questions to the instructor and share your work with others. And, as if that wasn’t cool enough, they recently made Craftsy Unlimited where you can watch all the classes available with a monthly or yearly subscription! I’m addicted to it (as you can see) and I took advantage of my one month free trial but had to get the subscription. It’s just that good. So good this looks more like a paid advertisement, but believe me, it’s not. Well, I guess I should have negotiated this part of this post with them🤔… I didn’t think that through, but whatever. 🤷‍♀️ My suggestion: if you’re new to cake decorating and would like to become better at it, get your subscription. You’ll thank me later. Going back to those buildings, you basically just score some lines on the modeling chocolate to create the illusion of windows or modern architecture. Then, you chill them for about 10 minutes, and after AND ONLY AFTER THEY ARE CHILLED, you rub them with some buttercream so it stays in the grooves and lines you made before. Then wipe the excess buttercream off with a dry paper towel and you’ll end up with this cool design. Well, I had to stop writing my post because they began the orientation video. Once the video was over I went to the information window to ask to be excused from jury duty because I have two children under the age of 12 and according to that video I could be excused. As I walked to the window a man’s voice behind me and very close to me says: “you can’t leave because I can’t leave!”. I jumped as I turned back to find out it was my best friend, Javier!!! He had been called for jury duty today as well!!!

We were sitting in opposite sides of the huge room that probably fit around 300 people and just as I was walking to the information window he was heading there as well to request a postponement for his duty. Had he waited or headed there a minute or two before or after, he would have missed me. So, I got excused; his got postponed, and we had a day off together! We went to a café near the building in downtown Dallas and had an amazing morning, chatting and laughing over coffee and breakfast. The day had a very unexpected turn but totally for the best and I’m so grateful for that. 😎💖

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