How To Make Sugar Hydrangeas

Hello everyone!!! I’m super excited to share this new post with you because for some reason flower making is one of my favorite things… it is therapy for me. I know some people dread having to make them and would rather buy them already made but for those of you how have the patience and like to try new things, this little flower is so much fun you don’t want to miss it. We’ll start with the center. For this we need a tiny ball of gum paste. We’re going to roll it to erase the lines or dents and then we’ll make a tiny wire hook; dip it into our sugar glue, wipe the excess off and we’ll insert it into out gum paste tiny ball.

Now with you fingers press it carefully to secure the ball but also keep rounding it so it keeps the shape. Then, with a sharp knife or an exacto, indent a cross at the top of the ball and then extend each of the sides of the cross so two long indented lines go around the ball and intersect at the top. This will leave the ball looking like it has been cut into 4 quarters but they’re still together.

Lastly for the center, leave the center to dry on a piece of foam. Now we’ll begin working on the petals. First, roll some gum paste about 1/8th of an inch thick (a # 4 or 5 on a pasta roller) and use a hydrangea cookie cutter to cut out the shape of the petals.

Then use a ball tool to thin out the edges of all the petals. Finally, dust the hydrangea veiner with some corn starch or powdered sugar, place the cut-out shape in it and close it while you press firmly but gently to create the desired indentations into the flower.

If the flower gets stuck into the veiner, use a thin tool or a sharp knife (careful not to mess the veiner) to release each of the petals first and then press the veiner from behind to push the flower out.

Now we need to assemble the pieces together to have our finished flower. Place a dot of sugar glue at the center of the flower and then take the center wire and insert it into the center of the flower pulling down the wire until the gum paste center ball touches the sugar glue at the center of the flower.

Now, we bend the wire a little bit and let the flower dry hanging so the petals adhere well to the center and look like they are blooming.

You can use your preferred color of gum paste to make these flowers and adding color dust to them makes them look more realistic. Using lighter colors in the center and darker colors at the edges is my favorite way of giving them color, but it is always a good idea to look at pictures of real hydrangeas to look for the various color tones you could combine and how to apply them.

If you need to make many of these, you might want to create all the centers first and let them dry, then cut maybe 20 gum paste cut-outs at once and place them into a plastic film to keep the gum paste from drying and then take all those to thin their edges all at once, and then leave the veining and the assembly for last as a combined last step. Then, once all your flowers are made and have been dried you can apply the color dusts to all of them at once. This saves time and going back and forth into the steps.

Well, I hope you liked this tutorial. Make sure to leave me your comments and don’t forget to subscribe to my page and to my Youtube Channel. See you next week! 😉

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