Easiest Way To Cover A Dummy Cake (Part I)

I’ve been in the cake business for a couple of years now and I’m always looking for new techniques, tutorials, blogs and figured… Hey, there aren’t enough cake tutorials or bloggers. There’s never going to be enough bloggers because people always want to find a new way, a different way, an easier way to do things. So, people are always going to keep looking for new tutorials, new bloggers and new posts… people love learning. We might not necessarily love school, but we love learning. So, I just wanted to share the easiest way to cover dummy cakes because after trying to cover my first dummy cake I figured they are harder to cover than real cakes. The reason is simple: we need the cake to stay put and real cakes have some weight but dummy cakes (made of Styrofoam) are not heavy. I looked and looked for tutorials and none of them were good enough for me. Why? Because they either used the wraparound method which leaves some seams, or they would need to use some sort of tape stuck under the foam to try to make it stick to your turntable. I just don’t like to use tape because then you either have to remove the goo from your turn table if your tape was too strong or have to almost apply no pressure to smooth your cake without detaching it from the tape and having it slide from your turntable. I sat down with my husband and told him what my problem was, and he came up with a solution but we needed to do some test tries and see if it worked. His idea was to create a thin wooden board with a nail sticking out (point up) and some sort of grips that would make it stick to the turntable. Then stab the dummy cake with the poking nail and that way it would not slide from side to side. I started thinking of how we could do this and came up with this idea based on his idea. Here’s all you need:

2 flower nails4 one inch thick binder clipsa piece of cardboard or a cake board as big as your turntablea turntablea Styrofoam dummy cake First, poke your cake board or cardboard with your flower nails. To do this, locate the center of your board and stab one of the nails about an inch (or inch and a half) from the center and the second nail at about the same distance from the center but in the opposite direction as shown here.

Then, use the binder clips to hold the board in place and attached to your turntable as shown here.

Finally, place your dummy cake on top of the poking nails and press down the dummy cake until it is firmly nailed to the board. Here’s a short video on how to do it. On my next post I’ll show you how to cover it with fondant and how to make those hard to achieve sharp edges. So, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the notifications bell so you can be notified when I upload a new video. Until next week! 😊#Dummycake#howtocoveradummycake#Easywaytocoverdummycake#coverdummycakewithfondant#fondant#howtocoveradummycakewithfondant

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