Easiest Way To Cover A Dummy Cake (Part 2)

On my previous blog post I showed you guys how to secure your dummy cake in place so you can easily cover it with fondant. Well, today I want to show you how to cover it with fondant. For this you need:

  • a Styrofoam dummy cake
  • vegetable shortening
  • the board we prepared with the flower nails to secure the dummy in place
  • some kneaded fresh fondant
  • 2 fondant smoothers
  • a rolling pin
  • powdered sugar or corn starch
  • a measuring tape
  • a sharp knife

First, apply a thin layer of vegetable shortening to the cake dummy so the fondant can stick to it. Now, sprinkle some powdered sugar over your working surface and roll up the kneaded fondant with your rolling pin.

Roll the fondant big enough to cover your dummy. Take into account the diameter and height of the dummy and use the measuring tape to make sure you’ve rolled it big enough. Now use your rolling pin to lift the fondant and drape it over the dummy cake. Use your hands to get rid of any air bubbles at the top of the cake and secure the fondant to avoid tearing.

Work the fondant’s skirt by opening the bottom pleats and smoothing the sides of the cake from the top down. Go around the cake working the fondant’s skirt and the sides of the dummy. Now use the fondant smoothers to get rid of any dents or marks on your fondant and then carefully trim any excess fondant at the bottom of the cake dummy.

Now, comes the tricky part… to get the sharp edges. But trust me, it looks harder than it is. Place a big piece of wax paper over the cake and remove the clips from the board to release the board from the turntable. Now, hold the cake board with one hand and remove the nails from under the cake dummy with your other hand. Then carefully flip the dummy cake upside-down and place it on your turntable.

Use the binder clips to hold the wax paper to the turn table and use the fondant smoother to bring the fondant down towards the wax paper, gently pinching the fondant against the turntable and living a small lip at the bottom of the cake. Then use a sharp pairing knife to cut those lips and create a sharp edge.

Once you’ve finished you can turn your cake right side up and remove the wax paper to reveal your cake covered in fondant and with nice sharp edges.

I hope this tutorial was useful to you. Don’t forget to click here to watch the video, leave your comments, pin it and share it with others. Thanks! 😊#coverdummycakewithfondant#Easywaytocoverdummycake#howtocoveradummycake#fondant#Dummycake

(Pubished on January 9, 2018)

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